The Gummy Bear Song And Character Are Still A Hit #theguild

The Gummy Bear

The classic video of the The Gummy Bear Song never gets old and its amazing that this character has amassed such a following and an international loyalty since 2007.  We salute you Jiggly, Giggly and hilarious bear.

Just some stats from YouTube but we would love to see the web analytics stats.

Youtube Channel Network Stats as of 2015

  • 4 channels
  • 227 videos
  • 1,230,437 subscribers

Here is The Gummy Bear Web Bio.

Gummibär is the most popular animated character on the internet and the most viewed independent music artist on YouTube ever! He’s green, jiggly, and cute! He sings in over 25 different languages and has released CDs and DVDs in more than 40 countries! He has achieved platinum and gold status in more than 10 countries world-wide where he has reached the top of the music charts.