Pizza Farm With Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman - Pizza Farm

“We also have orchards of taquito trees soaking up the minerals and vitamins from the sun before we pick ’em and deliver ’em straight to those school lunch trays.”  created as a Funny or Die collaboration to help raise awareness with You’re the Cure- American Heart Association

Nick Offerman…

is well rounded true blooded man of coolness.  Check out his woodshop  and his amazing hilarious roles in several comedies.


“Interestingly, my work as a humorist is borne solely from my work on ‘Parks and Rec’. I’m a theatre actor. I never imagined I would stand on a stage and perform as myself. But once we got a few years into ‘Parks and Rec” colleges invited me to do just that. ‘American Ham’ certainly has a nod to Ron Swanson… If I had brought only whatever my natural attributes were, that’s when you run into trouble later on, with people saying, ‘You’re just like Ron Swanson’. But actually not. I’m much more effeminate and weak.”  ~ more on Nick Offerman from IMDB