Monkey Pickler Of The Month December ’10

1.How does being selected as Pickler of the Month change your life?
Monkey Pickles has changed my life in many ways. Now I am not just a weirdo/goofball wannabe. I am officially a certified,bonafide goofball!! I can say ” I am monkey Pickler of the month” out loud anywhere I want and at any random time! I also get an awesome shirt!! I’m not just another goofball now, I’m a Monkey Pickler goofball!! Can you feel that? huh? *dances in your face*.

2. What was your first impression of Monkey Pickles?
My first impression of Monkey Pickles was … love the logo. Love the name. I like being a goofball so… yea I’ll join Monkey Pickles. For that I am awesome!

3. Where are you from?
I am from Earth, even though that might be questionable?? To be more precise I now live in Louisa, Virginia. It’s a quiet place… or was a quiet place. Until some weirdo’s moved in and it hasn’t been the same since. 😉

4. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Strangest thing I have ever eaten was sour patch straws with hot sauce. I actually ate that a lot for a few months. I was pregnant.

5. 2 People you would like to grab a cup of coffee with?
The two people I pick to throw coffee on, oh… wait. Nevermind. I see it say’s “grab a cup of coffee with” ha my mistake. Ok…
Umm. I would pick Cher, because she is kicka$$, plus she could like sing and flip her hair while drinking it. The other person would
be Stephen Hawking. He is one of my favorite people on Earth.

6. Why do you like Monkey Pickles?
I don’t like Monkey Pickles, I love Monkey Pickles!! Without Monkey Pickles I would just be another person who is just… weird. Plus, I love being weird, partly because I do it so well. It’s a gift.

7. What vegetable do you most resemble?
Well I asked my family and the response I got was a carrot, onion, broccoli and poo poo ( you can thank my son Jack for that)…So I am a questionable salad??

8. Which ancient place would you like to go and who would you take with you?
I would choose Ancient Egypt. I would take my hubby to prove to him on how the pyramids were built. With Extraterrestrial Monkey’s of course. He doesn’t believe me. Ha, I’d show him.

9. Who is another member of Monkey Pickles you enjoy reading and interacting with?
I enjoy throwing poo at all Monkey Pickler’s especially Nicholas Jackson a.k.a Nickerbottoms. He is a funny weirdo… I mean dude. 😉

10. What is your believed power animal?
My believed animal power(s) are bear,snake and cat. Depending on the day or week. hint hint.

11. If people were to hang out with you on typical Saturday afternoon what would you be doing?
On a typical Saturday most people might find me boring. I spend it with my kiddies and hubby. I watch movies, snuggle, go out and do fun things. We love to have fun. It’s all about family. I love my Saturday’s.

12. If you were to work for Monkey Pickles what would you do?
If I were to work for Monkey Pickles I would be the “go to” person. If you have a question I’ll make sure you “go to” somebody else to help you. Nah, I would probably host the parties. I can throw a mean party, not just poo. Oh and I can play the “bad joke teller” because I am so good at that! It’s a gift.

13. Music Style?
Any music is my style. I am into all kinds of music. Everything to Rock to Bollywood to Classical to Elevator. I loves me some music.

14. What’s funny childhood moment?
Funny childhood moment. Saving the Penguins and then getting into my hot air balloon with my crayons in hand and flying away… oh wait, that was a dream. A realistic funny childhood moment was when I had M&M’s come out of my nose from laughing so hard at these two boys that threw a fishing line out with a toy man attached to it on the road. The way it bounced and danced around was hilarious! Yea, it made me laugh so hard. One of those boys I married. What can I say, I am a sucker for a funny guy.

15. How would you change the world?
I would change the world by taking the seriousness out some and introducing fun and love back into our lives. Monkey Pickles for everyone!!!