The Spirit Makes The Master

The Spirit Makes The Master

And by Spirit I mean:

As a college student, I am all too comfortable with the spirit.

Rather I be in Math 109, and smell the spirit of booze from a cross the room, or walking down the hill and see what remains of a solo cup that housed the spirit the night night before. Ant my all time favorite -the reason I go to football games- the drunken Sorority an Fraternity students getting completely wasted off of the spirit. Sometimes I think they take our school motto a little too literally.


However, in the spirit of the holidays, the spirit will be sitting on a lot of kitchen tables, bars, living room floors, under wrapped in presents, and possibly going down the throats of many at office holiday parties, family gatherings, and/or #foreveraloneing it with a bottle of Vodka.

The spirit can defiantly make the master in a number of ways. The spirit can come in many different shapes and forms, but with a quick Google search, we can all figure out what spirit makes us the drunkest the quickest. (Just remember, Beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer)

I would just like to throw in a few recommendations from my family:

Budweiser: Perfect for the maters to crack open an watching as your family indulges in presents that the jolly old fat man sent

Ice House: Why would you drink this? No one would drink this, gross.

Vodka: Eh, it may be 6am when the kids come running down the stairs, but remember The spirit makes the master, the master must be calm enough to deal with screaming children who didn’t get what they asked for. Keep calm and pour yourself a well deserve glass!

Wine: Classy! Very Classy! It will go lovely on that white table clothe, eh? Split all over it, because Uncle Joe had one too many shots of moonshine this morning. Re-think the white mom, re-think it.

V.S.O.P : Go for it, lets be casual.

Remy: Isn’t that the same as V.S.O.P? All a go my friend!

Moonshine: Eh.. keep it away from the light weights.. so, everyone.

Jack Daniels: Is what we drink after the children are put to bed, the house has been cleaned and it’s just us adults.

‘Coffee’ : We call it ‘coffee’ because we all know it’s spiked. There is no way your mother is sitting there calmly watching you open presents. It’s spiked.

The spirit determines the mood of the night or morning.

It’s like I said before, The spirit makes the Master.