The Fruit Bowl Of Social Media

Social media is like a fruit bowl…or maybe something more like that nutritious hat that was always perched on top of Carman Miranda’s dancing and singing head. When it comes to social media, there are so many elements from a range of platforms. For example, people can use instagram messenger to send direct messages to anyone on Instagram. On Twitter, tweets can be posted, so followers can see what people are thinking. Even on Snapchat, watching people’s stories is also an option. As each platform offers something different, it makes sense why social media is as big as it is.

It’s a bowl of fruit that’s always moving, warbling, cha cha-ing, and tempting hungry monkeys with a cornucopia of random thoughts and endless questions. What piece of fruit looks tasty to you? I guess that depends on what you’re hungry for. Let’s look into the bowl and see what’s inside.

The Banana

Always the monkey’s favorite, the banana in our fruit bowl is LinkedIn. It may hail from a number of distant tropical lands, but it’s a common staple of many everyday Joe’s diets. Packed with potassium and other healthy essentials, the banana is indubitably good for you and will help you grow up big and strong. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what will a banana a day keep away? How about unemployment?

The Grape

A tweet is often sweet. It can also be quite sour. But it is always bite-sized. And every Halloween trick-or-treater knows that bite-sized means fun-sized! Twitter is the grape in our fruit bowl because it’s refreshing, it’s packaged in bunches, and it comes in a variety of colors and flavors. You can never eat just one!

The Watermelon

The Justin Bieberesque popularity of Facebook makes for a fruit of gigantically juicy proportions! Like a watermelon at a picnic, Facebook is a crowd-pleaser that simply cannot be overlooked. Just be careful that it doesn’t crush the whole entire bowl! And be sure to spit out those bitter seeds!

The Pear

A common addition to any classic still life painting, the pair has always had a certain artistic flair that Pinterest users can certainly get behind. In addition to its attractive (dare I say “sexy?”) shape, it comes in a wide range of flavors and textures from tart and firm to sweet and mushy. It is truly a fruit that allows you to express your own individual tastes!

Big Bang Theory

The Peach

The photo messaging application Snapchat deletes all posts after a mere 10 seconds. The scrumptious and inviting peach doesn’t typically last long either. Vibrantly colorful, soft and ripe, it compels you to take a bite before it rots down to an inedible pit.

The Papaya

A bit exotic and extremely nutritious, the papaya is substantial and meaty…just like the blog content on Tumblr. Just make sure that the blog you choose to consume is ready for harvest. Otherwise, you might find it a bit difficult to stomach.

Make Your Fruit Bowl Into a Fruit Salad

What makes a boring old bowl of natural and wholesome fruit into a highly appetizing fruit salad? Why, an avalanche of whipped cream, of course! Like pieces of fruit, social media sites should never, NEVER, under any circumstances, be consumed on their own! Think of that sweet and frothy topping as the delicious spackling paste that holds all of your fruit together. Interfacing and collaboration between various social media sites is absolutely key. By slathering your bowl of fruit with a “healthy” dose of whipped cream, you not only make a much more edible snack but you also facilitate the flow of information and correspondence between your banana, your grape, your watermelon, your pear, your peach, and your papaya to make one big universal dessert of scrumptious interaction!