6 Reasons Not To Shave Your Legs

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Let’s be honest, body hair is natural. Why do our evolutionary counterparts get to let it all loose, while we subject ourselves to sharp objects on the skin — all with the intent of looking like hairless babies to attract the opposite sex? Nuh uh.

1. Razorburns. Cuts, nicks. Just a whole lotta ouch so we can look a whole lotta whoa.

2. Hair is a natural barrier between you and the entire bug population. Mosquitoes are the most deadly animal known to human beings. Let’s force those mosquitoes to get their meals elsewhere.

3. Being a feminist is the cool thing to do. And you shouldn’t have to shave your legs for anybody but yourself!

4. Body hair is hot. Literally. It traps a layer of air next to your skin which then insulates your body.

5. They don’t do it in Europe, and European fashion is all the rage these days.

6. It’s additional protection! Hair is there to protect against sun, weather and damage.

Hair is awesome. But whether you find beauty in lots of it or none of it, let that be your own choice.