National Month Of Broken Promises

Ryan Seacrest’s ball just dropped.

You steal a kiss from someone, take a drink of whatever alcohol is handy and then you say,

This year, I am going to …

  • Lose a hundred pounds?
  • Quit smoking?
  • Go back to school?
  • Take up fencing?
  • Learn to speak Arabic?
  • Marry Halle Berry?

Of course by the end of January you have gained fifty pounds.

You drove past the school but have never gone in it.  You ended up slicing off your big toe off with the sword and quite swordplay.  You tried speaking some Arabic at work and the jerk at work turned you into Homeland Security.  Then you got put in jail for stalking Halle Berry.  To top it all off you already bought your third carton of Camels just to calm your nerves.  All your resolutions and promises, broken.  Just like your front window when Homeland Security busted in and arrested you.  Arrested twice in one month.  2014 is not off to a good start.


Just my opinion, but instead of making promises

for an ENTIRE YEAR that we know we won’t keep or at the very least will slip up on some time.  Only to make ourselves feel like miserable, lousy failures.  Why can’t we make resolutions by the month.  This month I resolve to quit cursing so often.  For the month of March, I resolve to not leave the toilet seat up and let my wife go buttocks diving in the middle of the night.  Things like that.

Simple things for a short period of time.

If you make it to the end of the twenty eight to thirty one days, you could possibly beat an annoying habit.  If not then try again the next month or try to do something else.  This way, one is not struggling with one or more difficult promises to keep for an entire year.