Let’s Conversate?

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I heard it the other morning spoken by a newscaster.

I was shocked and shook my head to make sure I did not have watermelons in my ears. I want to know what happened to the newscasters who fought to preserve the English language? Are they so fearful of not being hip, cool or whatever the new word is that they will mangleize words? The reporter said, and I quote, “later today I will conversate with the President and the First Lady.” Do they know they will be expected to conversate back?

He is going to conversate.

(BTW – for those who can’t see this on the screen, conversate is underlined in RED every time I type it.)

For the record, I will speak with you, talk with you, argue with you, debate with you, chat with you, have a discourse with you, lecture you, harangue you, babble with you, blab with you, yak with you, drawl with you, mumble with you, whisper with you, yammer with you, verbalize with you, vocalize with you, gab with you, jaw with you, enunciate with you, voice with you, shout with you, I will even rap with you, all of which are not underlined in red. But I will not, under any circumstances, conversate with you. I would appreciate if my news anchors/correspondents/reporters would also refrain from conversating with people. Go ahead if you must, but remember, I will not be there to watch something that does not exist.