Ladies Razor Stops Car Theft!

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Her car got broken into. Well, not broken into since it seems she had left the passenger door unlocked.

The crime scene seemed a bit odd to her so she decided to be an amateur CSI tech(she really wasn’t one in real life nor did she play one on television, but she did pretty good playing the interactive game on Facebook) and piece together the sequence of events.

It was obvious that the thief

(it was a small car and the other car doors remained locked so it was probably just one person) had taken the 98 pennies and her Aldi quarter from the change cup. For those of you who don’t know what an Aldi quarter is, let me explain briefly: You use a quarter to get a shopping cart but you get your quarter back when you return it. The innovative part is how they do it. ALDI’s uses a small system created by Systec called a duraloc. The mechanism is simple. All shopping carts are daisy chained together using these small duraloc devices. To release a shopping cart for usage you need only put a quarter in the device and it releases the cart via a simple latch system like a seat belt. When you return the cart you clip it back onto the chain of carts and it releases your quarter.

It appeared that the perpetrator or ‘perp’ had started going through the center console.

The top items were thrown around but not taken. The thief looked through then tossed aside the bag containing her jewelry. It was sitting on the front passenger seat. At first, she figured someone had walked by and scared off the thief. But upon closer inspection of the center console, she saw that the head of the razor she kept in there (for on-road shaving emergencies ) was bent and broken. The perpetrator must have started digging and jammed his/her hand on it! BWAHAHAHA!!!! Sweet justice! Thankfully, she didn’t see any blood so she is pretty sure her car doesn’t have any blood-borne diseases. Though, it really is a shame if you think about it. Maybe she could have gotten DNA from it to help the police track down the thief.

Anyway, the arch-criminal can use the $1.23 taken to buy a band-aid. Thus, not profiting from the crime.