How Tweets Saved Christmas

Santa, Christmas, Holiday

He was freezing when he sat down by the fireplace.

Ice had frozen in his beard, his fingers and nose were numb, and he was desperate to taste that first sip of coffee. He sat alone in the living room in his favorite big comfy chair. He kept the lights off not wanting to wake his wife.

He worked all night until the wee hours of the morning.

I have been at this a long time.  He thought while sipping his coffee.  It doesn’t get any easier, nor am I getting any younger.  He thought propping his frozen boots on the ottoman near the fire. He could feel his toes thawing.
“Maybe this will be my last run. I’m tired, old, and I don’t even know if what I do even makes a difference anymore.”  He said to himself while watching the snow and ice on his boots turn into tears and drip onto the floor.

He got warm and cozy by the fire.

He drifted into a deep sleep and a few hours later, he heard the alert tones ringing on his cell phone. He pulled the phone from his pocket and saw his twitter had over one hundred alerts. He went on his twitter and saw he was getting tweets faster than twitter could keep up with them. All of them saying, ‘Thank you Santa!’ ‘We love you Santa Clause.’ ‘You are awesome Santa! Merry Christmas.’ The tweets came faster than he could read them, but he read everyone he could, sitting for hours reading them, eyes tearing up as he did. At last, he became so tired he could not stay awake anymore. He turned off his phone and went to bed.
“I can’t wait for next year.” He said and chuckled a little. “Ho, ho. Ho.”