How To Stop Being Annoying On Facebook

How To Stop Being Annoying On Facebook

We all have those friends who are annoying on facebook. Send them this article and hopefully they’ll change. Here are four ways to stop being annoying and become that likable person again, on Facebook.

1. Stop Sending Game Notifications

No one cares about Farmville, or Candy Crush Saga, or Angry Birds and Friends. Honestly, nobody cares that you need someone to harvest your corn, send a balloon, or whatever! We all know that if you wait it out, you will get those things. Stop being so impatient!

That super annoying moment when you log in to Facebook and see you have 26 notifications from ONE PERSON to play a game. Do you realize how difficult it is to opt out of every single game that you didn’t know existed?

2. Change Your Password – You Were Hacked!

This seems like an odd request, but stay with me. Have you ever gotten a message from a friend saying to go to a website? Free money, free stuff like an iPad, really weird videos that don’t actually exist, and other random things. If your intuition tells you it’s too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true.

More likely than not, their account was breached. Simply changing your password every couple months can save you and your unsuspecting friends the hassle of dealing with scam artists on the internet.

This is annoying:


3. No Excessive Statuses

If you post more than two status a day, consider signing up for Twitter. Now, what classifies as a status?: A status is an update put into words as to how you are doing or what you are doing in your life.

What if I have accounts linked to my Facebook that update my status (updating your Instagram to your Facebook ect.)?
If that’s the case you don’t need to update your status on a daily basis because everyone already knows what you’re doing, or you could simply post on each social network separately. When you bite into that glorious cupcake, take a moment to savor that taste instead of posting a photo or status about it on Facebook; live in the moment!

4. Complaining

Stop complaining. And while you’re at it, stop posting vague statuses.

E.g. “Why is he playing with my emotion!” Who are you even talking about? Facebook is not your diary.

Don’t complain about conversations going on in comment sections because you don’t like getting the notifications.
You can always turn off the notification in the top right hand corner of the status. Easy, done.

Don’t complain that not everybody adheres to your point of views via Facebook status. We all know who you’re talking about, and you just come across as a wazzock.

Fix these things and maybe, just maybe, your friends will actually want to talk to you on Facebook.