Fun Things You Can Only Do When You’re A Twin

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For nine months you’ve shared the same placenta and put up with your twin’s fist in your eye or foot in your face. Of course, you’ve delivered the same sort of sibling love, especially when it was almost time to spring into the world and your “room” was getting a bit cramped.

What’s the reward for all this enforced closeness? If you’re an identical twin, you gain the ability to pull off feats that no one else can.

Switching Places For Photos

The dreaded school photos are torture for some, especially when you get old enough to actually care about your appearance. Translation, when you become a teenager. Your hair is never just right, you’ve got a rogue pimple on your forehead or you just simply don’t want to go through with the yearly ritual.

Your twin, however, doesn’t mind being in the spotlight, is pimple-free and has hair that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Solution? Send your twin instead. No doubt you’ll have to bribe or otherwise make future promises, but it may be worth it. If the pair of you get this right in high school, you could carry on in college and even consider sitting in for each other’s passport photos. Not that you should, of course.

Taking Each Other’s Classes Or Exams

Maybe your twin loves science and math, while you do better in English and history. Identical twins can usually get away with attending each other’s classes, turning in homework and even taking exams. Of course, this means you can’t be assigned to the same class at the same time. This could be an easy fix if you advise the school administrator that having your twin in the same class is “distracting.” It’s probably easier on the teacher if there’s only one of you to deal with as well.

Swapping One Twin For Another For Job Interviews

Swapping can also work for job interviews. If you, the writer twin, can pull off an excellent resume but you get flustered by the interview process, you could consider sending your twin, who is cool and calm during interviews. Of course, you both must be familiar with the employer and what’s expected. Likewise, you could offer to write a resume for your very helpful impostor twin. Unfortunately not everyone has access to a twin who can go to the job interview in our place, so it is important that you feel totally ready for your interview before going. This might involve preparing your interview answers so you are ready for any question they ask.

Make And Win Outrageous Bets

Your twin ends up going to a different college and you never told your friends that you had a twin. Now, imagine this scenario. Your twin is in town visiting and having a pint at the local pub. A group of friends want to go to that same pub for a drink. Your group loves to make outrageous bets so you propose that whoever gets to the pub first drinks free all night. You even offer them a head start. Everyone has to go on foot. They agree.

You call your twin at the pub, who happens to be wearing the same jacket, and clue him or her in. Then you sit back and relax while your buddies burst in the pub, out of breath and ready for a cool one. “You” are already at the bar sipping on a pint. Game over. Whether you eventually join your friends and reveal the secret is up to you. Tempting as it is, you know letting the cat out of the bag will forfeit any future shenanigans, and that would be no fun at all.