5 Excuses For Overspending

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Sometimes, it feels good to let loose and spend more than you should, so if you need an excuse, we’ve got you covered. If you let your spending get oo out of control, you might have to start using no credit check credit cards so that you can continue spending… Below you’ll find some good reasons to spend your money well past your budget. You only live once, right?

1. Common Cold

If you’re feeling low and you suspect you may have contracted a common cold, then it’s time to go shopping. You deserve it, right? There is no faster way to turn that sorta-itchy throat upside-down. You’ll grab some designer clothes, some gourmet desserts and a new ATV. There’s no point overspending when you’re feeling good, because that’s overindulgent.

2. Wooing

If there is a special someone you’ve been sweet on, but they haven’t swayed in your direction, then it’s time to overspend. Love isn’t only about money, gifts and extravagant trips to Bora Bora, but it’s about 80 percent those things. It definitely doesn’t hurt to show your affections with material things. Wooing that special someone can bring happiness to your life, even if it means long-term credit card debt.

3. Showing Off

Like it or not, what other people think about you does matter when it comes to getting a job, finding a significant other or winning over friends. While it may seem vain, showing off a little can win you esteem in the eyes of others, regardless of whether it should or not. You don’t have to make it rain in the club by throwing money in the air. But if you don’t, everyone will know you don’t have enough money to do it. So you should. Go on. Make it rain!

If you really don’t have the money for that, just pick up the tab for dinner.

4. Got To Represent

You may not be a gangster rapper, but “representing” can be a good excuse to let the bucks fly. You have a reputation to maintain, right? So, if others are watching, and they have a certain perception of you and your socio-economic status, it’s time to represent and spend that money. Purchasing and then taking care of a personal entourage is also part of this phenomenon.

5. World’s Ending

At some point in the future, the Earth will cease to exist, so why wait for it to happen? Spend your money now. While credible scientists will argue the end of the world is many centuries in the future, you never know. Where are all the dinosaurs? It’s the right moment in history to overspend.

Nobody lives forever, so overspending every once in a while can be justified. You don’t get to take your bank account or credit cards with you when you pass away. So show off a little. Represent.