4 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Money On Your Girlfriend

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It’s a good feeling to treat your girlfriend to a new pair of designer shoes or to a getaway in an exotic locale, but this sort of pampering can easily become dangerous. Your wallet can shrivel before you know it, making overspending a habit to nip in the bud. Below are the signs you’ve overreached on your spending.

She Stops Complaining

Overindulging your girlfriend can have some unintended yet positive benefits, including that she stops complaining or ridiculing your behavior. This sign isn’t always indicative of overspending, but if this happens, something may be wrong. Be sure to review your checking account and credit cards to see if all the dinners, nights out and clothes have started to add up.

No ‘Thank You’

If you stop hearing “thank you” when you pick up the tab for dinner and a show or even when you open the door, you may be overspending. An entitlement attitude can rear its ugly head when you can’t keep your spending in check. If she expects you to pay for everything all the time without any type of gratitude, then your spending is certainly out of hand.

She’s Donating

Charity is a positive thing, but if your girlfriend is donating the new shoes, shirt or blouse you just bought her to a thrift store, then you may be spending too much. Excess can cause your girlfriend to do some strange things, so watch her charitable habits carefully.

She Brags Excessively

If your girl is constantly bragging about all of the trips, jewelry and clothes you’ve purchased, then it’s a red flag you’ve gone too far. When all of her friends and family think you are a trust fund baby and you’re not, you’ve got a problem.

If your girl has got you whooped, you’re likely spending way too much money on her, to your significant detriment. Fortunately, there are specific warning signs that can help you stop the madness and regain your dignity, along with your financial well-being. In the meantime you can always visit lendingexpert.co.uk for a non-judgemental loan.
It’s okay to fund your 401(k) every couple of weeks instead of your girlfriend’s shopping habits.