4 Excuses For Not Finishing Your Honey-Do List

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Excessive honey-do lists can be more than a little annoying, especially when the demands keep you from enjoying your weekend or spending time with friends. So why not make an excuse to get out of it? Doing what you want shouldn’t be a crime.

1. Game Of Thrones

Chances are that your significant other likes Game of Thrones, General Hospital or another popular television show. Simply remind your spouse that it’s on, so you can put aside the chores. If you have a habit of watching the show together, this excuse is almost guaranteed to work. You don’t want to miss out on that quality time, do you?

2. Sad Cat

If your cat isn’t acting right, your spouse is sure to understand that you need to put aside lesser concerns in favor of the pet. If you don’t own a cat, find a sad-looking one online. There are plenty out there. Insist that you need to do everything possible to cheer up this cat, even if the cat isn’t physically present.

3. Gift Shopping

Getting your significant other a gift is a good way to wiggle out of chores, regardless of how many you choose to forgo. Simply present the gift and say you didn’t have time to finish the list. Yes, this is a bribe. Sometimes you do what you have to do in order to keep your sanity and enjoy your life.

4. Mom

Although your spouse may not like it, if mom calls or needs something fixed at her house, there is nothing you can do but cater to mom. It’s your mother, and she needs to be taken care of! The excuse is viable, but make sure not to use this card too often. Otherwise, you’ll spend too much time at mom’s.

While it’s a good idea to follow through on your honey-do list occasionally, especially if you like your health and well-being, there are times you can put it off. You just need the right excuse to do so. Look to the aforementioned excuses for your way out of a chore or mundane task.