10 Things To Do With Your Pet On A Saturday Night

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Whether you just broke up with your significant other, never had a significant other, or want to get away from your significant other, here are 10 ways to spend a solidly splendid Saturday night with Spot or Fluffy that will create memories to last a lifetime.

1. Make Fun Of People On Facebook

Get cozy on the couch because you and Cuddles are in for a fun night full of laughs. First, change your profile picture to a picture of your pet. Then lay the down the witty sarcasm on every post you can find. When your friends react or tell you to knock it off, insist it’s not you.

2. Go To A Drive-In Movie

We don’t know why dogs and cats aren’t allowed at the regular movies, but they aren’t. So find the nearest drive-in movie theater. On the way, stop and get Fido his favorite treats. If there aren’t any drive-ins around, make one in your backyard with your laptop. Fido won’t know the difference, and you’ll give your neighbors something to talk about.

3. Eat Cheeseburgers At A Local Dive

What usually comes after the movie? That’s right, dinner! Grab a few burgers at the local hole-in-the-wall with your pet and then go home and take the longest nap possible. The burgers are for you, maybe the dog can have a few nibbles but not all of them. A bully stick can go down as delicious treat and it’s much healthier for your pooch.

4. Get A Room

Need a change of scenery? Google pet-friendly hotels wherever you want to go and … just go. You could even take a look at something like this Petswelcome site to help you find a pet-friendly hotel. Revive your relationship with your pet with some quality one-on-one time, especially if you’ve been working a lot. Ask the hotel staff to place a basket of your pet’s favorite goodies in the room as a surprise.

5. Go To The Spa

You can’t usually do this together, but maybe you can find a human spa next door to a doggie spa. Afterward, paint your partner’s nails and compare experiences. Who knows, maybe you’ve got a reality show here.

6. Join A Dating Site

If you’ve been thinking about finding someone special but doesn’t know where to start, get your pet to help you this Saturday night. Browse a few dating sites for free and find people who love their pets as much as you do. Maybe even use glamour shots of your pet as your profile pictures. You might find a good pet-to-pet match to start your new adventure.

7. Start A Pet Dating Site

We’re not too sure about this one, but you and Pumpkin can brainstorm some really good ways to make this work.

8. Go Get Another Pet

If Whiskers has been feeling a bit lonely lately, find another furry friend to adopt. Spend the afternoon at a shelter or two and then spend Saturday night showing your new pet all the good things in life. Chances are, you might even meet someone at the shelter. (But that’s another list). If you do manage to find a pet at the shelter, bringing it home will be like a new edition to the family. I’m sure you know how to look after your new pet, especially if you are already a proud owner of a cat or dog. Ensuring they have the right vaccinations and treatments for fleas, for example, is important. You don’t want it to get to the point where your pet is uncomfortable daily and you then realize you require the services of a pest control company like terminix georgia (or one closer to where you live) to help get rid of these pests in your home that won’t go away! It is always best to be safe than sorry when you are the owner of a pet.

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9. Rent Animal Movies

Whether it’s Netflix or something else entirely, you have access to endless talking animal movies. And we’re not talking about cartoons either. We’re talking about real, live animals that can talk. Hollywood is amazing!

10. Sleep

Why not participate in one of your pet’s favorite pastimes and sleep Saturday night away? Cuddle up and fall asleep reading a book or watching TV. Either way, it’ll be the best Saturday night ever with Sprinkles by your side. Awwwwwwww.