Item of the week: Versa Grips


If I had to pick one of my items in my gym bag I love the most it would have to be my Versa Grips.  I first saw and hear about Versa Grips while attending the 2017 Arnold Classic in Ohio.  While there we visited the Military Muscle booth and signed up for their deadlift party they were having at a local gym.  Of course Brody and I were game to pull some heavy weight.

Attending the deadlift party was amazing.  There were lot of people there screaming and cheering, some went on the platform and hit personal bests while others recorded and photographed their victorious moments.  I decided to go on to attempt a 315 lbs deadlift but i had complained to Brody that my hands were slipping.  Another woman nearby offered me her versa grips to help with the bar from slipping.  I stepped on the platform and although I wasn’t able to lift 315 lbs, I had full grip on the bar because of how the Versa Grips are made.

They fit snug on your wrist and have extra padding so it doesnt cut into your skin.  The rubber grips in the palms are formed to fit your hand and you can use them two different ways, over or under the bar, depending on what you’re doing and what feels comfortable to you.  With wearing these grips I have found a huge improvement in my lifts.  I no longer have that fear that I can’t hold on to the bar long enough to finish my set.  I struggle with a weak grip due to breaking my hand and these grips really help me finish out my last few reps.  I do encourage, that if you notice you can’t grip heavy weights for long periods of time, that you should do some grip strengthening exercises such as holding heavy dumbbells at your sides until you feel your grip start to slip, or hang from a pull up bar and try to hold on as long as possible.

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