Atlas Home Life: Hockey time

We’re always super proud to acknowledge our kid when they work hard to achieve their goals in school or sports or life in general.  Our oldest eats, sleep and breathes hockey on a daily basis.  If it’s not watching Youtube videos to find tips on improving his slap shot and puck handling then he’s glued to NHL18 with Brody creating plays and working with each other to become an unstoppable and cohesive team.  Growing up I didn’t watch hockey but, now being a hockey mom, I see the beauty and fluidity of the game.  The passion from the players pushing them to drive harder until the last second to the parents cheering on not only their child but knowing each player by name and number, which I have to tell you takes dedication.  I couldn’t tell you a time I was happier standing in the freezing cold, layered in sweat pants and jackets, wrapped in a blanket and yelling my son’s name to “Move his butt” all while recording it on Facebook for his relatives to see. The pictures above are from his game on 12/30/17 scoring goal #10 of the season and #4 of the game with the Caz Chiefs beating the Hamburg Sabres 5-3.[amazon_link asins=’B00KL5F6KS,B077419NDC,B06XTB7173,B002LBDA30,B00PUECCJ8,B00WAOXTZW,B01GWDN370′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’atlassyndicate-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0aaf0d58-f025-11e7-92b2-370521950f9f’]