Accountability Coaching Available Now!

Do you have a goal that you’ve working towards or want to pursue but need the extra support to keep you on track?  Whether you need help keeping yourself accountable for a career goal, school, personal goals or a fitness goal, we are here to help keep you on track towards achieving those goals.

Everyone needs a support system and sometimes we aren’t lucky enough to have people surrounding us who support us or even understand what we are going through.  It’s difficult to achieve your goals without a support system but when you can surround yourself with caring, like-minded people you can push through your fears and achieve any goal you put in front of yourself.  My husband and I have both been through difficulties in life from losing a child to competing in bodybuilding competitions.  Together we have found a way to overcome our fears that get in the way and we’d like to help others achieve the goals they set in from of themselves.

Currently we are offering Group Coaching (if you need a group support system), 1 on 1 coaching (for those who need individualized coaching), fitness coaching (For those with fitness goals, this would include a meal plan from a RD and workout plans custom made for each client) or V.I.P. Coaching (for those who need specialized coaching for life goals).  Your personal goal could range from learning a new language to changing your career field and with our help, we will help keep you accountable of the small steps needed to achieve your goals.

Pushing your fears aside and challenging yourself is going to be hard but as long as you have the right people behind you anything is possible.

So if you find that you need a reminder of your goals, help tracking your progress or need someone to light that fire under you to get you moving in the right direction, then please shoot us an email at for a free consultation.