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You’re on Monkey Pickles, so we know you love monkeys as much as we do… which is why you need a crystal monkey figurine! Spruce up your mantle with an adorable crystal monkey figurine, or use a crystal monkey figurine on your desk to enhance wealth and career luck. We’ve collected our favorite crystal monkey figurines from around the web and put them all in one place for you.

Swarovski Monkey Figurines

Check out these great Swarovski crystal monkey figurines! And if you love crystal figurines but already have too many crystal monkeys (we understand), there are all the Swarovski zodiac crystal figurines, including the awesome Swarovski dragon figurine and the Swarovski snake figurine.

Swarovski Zodiac Crystal Figurines

We are in love with these adorable Swarovski zodiac crystal figurines! Do you identify with Ko Ko the Rooster crystal figurine, symbolizing decisiveness, wit, and dignity, or are you more of a Tora the Tiger crystal figurine, representing sincerity, generosity and respect? Whatever you choose, you will love these cute Swarovski zodiac crystal figurines; check below for your favorite!

Crystal Baby Monkey Figurines

There is nothing cuter than a crystal baby monkey figurine! We have a wide selection of baby monkey figurines, with adorable primates ready to adorn your dresser or trinket cabinet. A Baccarat clear crystal baby monkey figurine is a beautiful way to honor your love for these cute animals, as well as showcase your discerning taste for quality figurines and exemplary craftsmanship. Add one of our crystal baby monkey figurines to your collection!