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Nothing says “tropical vacation” like a banana swimsuit! Whether you are lounging by the beach with a fruity drink or throwing back some beers in a kiddie pool in your backyard, you’ll be stylin’ with these fresh banana swimsuits. These printed banana swimsuits come in styles for the whole family, including banana bikinis, banana swimsuits for toddlers and babies, and banana swim trunks.

Banana Bikinis

Why do bananas have to wear sunscreen?

Because they peel!

Before you throw tomatoes at this joke, check out these adorable banana bikinis for all of your tanning and swimming needs! It’s a simple fact that printed banana bikinis make you feel happy and majestic, as well as fashionable and on-trend. Nothing is more eye-catching than a cute printed banana bikini, so if you’re going on a tropical vacation, look no further, we have you covered (in banana print!) We’ve collected our favorite banana bikinis for you to shop below!