Shop Banana Island Hoppers

Ride in style and speed with these durable banana island hoppers! These towable island hoppers can be used on lakes and oceans to safely and reliably transport passengers. Recreational banana island hoppers are sturdy, well-built, and ready for all of your water towing needs.


Banana Island Hoppers

Using dense, puncture-resistant and UV-resistant material, these high-quality banana island hopper boats can carry anywhere between 3 passengers and 14 passengers. These island hoppers are designed to offer a fun ride or easy commercial transport. In addition, the island hoppers can be ordered in unique banana boat styles!


Commercial Banana Island Hoppers

Also known as Banana Taxis, commercial island hoppers are great for transporting passengers to and from the beach or another destination. Using a commercial island hopper for your business can be a fun transportation method! Choosing the right island hopper for your business or recreational needs is simple; do you need a 5-passenger island hopper for lighter family use, or a larger 10-passenger island hopper model for serious durability? Either way, you are sure to have fun in the sun with a banana island hopper!


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