Shop Banana Costumes

Here at Monkey Pickles, we strongly believe in creating an atmosphere of humor and fun, which is why we prescribe a banana costume to all of our followers. You can’t be mad while wearing one of these yellow numbers. Cozy up in fruity style while lecturing your friends about their potassium levels and the best way to peel a banana, or just create some smiles in your very own banana costume! Banana costumes for dogs, banana costumes for kids, banana costumes for Halloween… the options are endless.

Banana Costumes for Kids

Looking for banana costumes for kids? Pair your little banana with a monkey costume for a cute group costume idea. Great for Halloween and trick-or-treating, these banana costumes for kids are sure to get a laugh! Kids can wear a banana costume for at-home or school plays, goofing around, or presentations on bananas!

Banana Costumes for Dogs

If you’ve been looking for banana costumes for dogs, we did the leg work for you! Browse banana costumes for dogs and get your pooch ready for Halloween, parades, or just a silly banana costume to wear around the house! These banana costumes for dogs are just what you need to complete your group costume idea, especially if they are paired with banana costumes for adults, banana costumes for kids, and sexy banana costumes!

Sexy Banana Costumes

Show your flirty side with a sexy banana costume! These sexy banana costumes can be provocative AND funny, showing off your charming wiles. Bonus points if you deck your whole family out in banana costumes! Check out our other banana costumes for adults, banana costumes for kids, and banana costumes for kids. These sexy banana costumes are great for trick-or-treating, birthdays, dress-up, costume parties, or putting on a show!