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Which Adorable Puppy Are You? Personality Test

Find out which adorable puppy you are with this personality test!
How To Make Caramel, How To Make, DIY, Caramel, Candy, Sweets, Satire

How to Make Caramel

You've never been much of a chocolate fan. All of your friends have raved about it and talked about it like it's the best...
twerking, miley cyrus

MC – The CopyCat Twerker

MC – The Twerking Jerk Who was it that said everything old is new again? It didn’t work well this time. Poor MC tried it...
plant distress call, mowing lawn, lawn mower, cutting grass

Help Meeee

My favorite smell, next to hot chocolate on a cold day
Household Uses for Nail Polish Remover

Household Uses for Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover makes life a lot easier for people who like to paint their nails. If you don't use it, you're doomed...