MonkeyPickles Tech News: Microsoft Bing exposes Google Panda

What is Google Panda? Microsoft Unleashes the Search Giant’s Big Secret. The search wars continue between Google and Microsoft’s Bing. You cant turn on a television without being bombarded with ads trying to sway you to their better “search engine” It is very reminiscent of the 1980’s cola wars between Pepsi and Coke. Back then the # 2 soda manufacturer Pepsi created a full on advertising blitz trying to overtake the cola giant Coke. While Pepsi did end up with a slightly larger market share, it finally ended its war on Coke. Microsoft however, believes that its new findings will allow Bing to succeed.

The staff over at Search Engine World have discovered that Microsoft has been reverse engineering the Google Algorithm. “We have found something very alarming, that we believe most people will find- very alarming.” Back in 2011 Google started to make changes to their algorithm, those changes were labeled Google Panda. These changes were made to improve search results, but it felt as if even more spam was being included. “The code to Panda made no sense, it’s as if Google started using an artificial intelligence to create that code, it had no pattern and thats why it could not be breached.”


Further investigation shows that just as tech giant Apple has close ties to Pixar, Google too has close ties to a major CGI studio. It is rumored that in late 2010, there was a backdoor deal between Google and Dreamworks Entertainment. The company that created Madagascar and Kunfu Panda were excelling at artificial intelligence for their characters. “After diving deep into the Google code, we at Microsoft believe that in 2011 Google began to allow Poe, The Kunfu Panda, to write changes to the search algorithm.” This would further explain the amount of spam.

To fix this issue Google has begun the update their code and has named this new revision “Penguin.” It is believed that it is written again by Dreamworks, this time by the Madagascar Penguins. “There is no end to the new shenanigans going on at Google. How can a tech conglomerate let itself be run by cartoons?” Neither Poe nor the penguins could be found for questioning. One lowly Google exec is quoted as saying, “Hey at least the Panda knows Kung-Fu, and that’s pretty damn cool!”

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