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HE DID THIS TO ME – Miranda Sings Reacts To Jake...

Miranda Sings sobs over Jake Paul's rise to YouTube fame, his legions of tween fans, and the fact that he HAS A GIRLFRIEND! NO!!!

HOW2: How to Win the Claw Machine – Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange and Pear teach you how to win at the claw machine. Make sure you get to the ending, it's a real explosion...

HOW2: How to Bowl (Win every game!) – Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange and Pear try fruitlessly (HA!) to teach you how to BOWL. Try the TNT ball, we heard it's a BLAST!

Annoying Orange – Pork-CHOPPED!

Annoying Orange, Apple, and Pear all help a Fancy Porkchop find a knife so he can be consumed.


Watch Miranda Sings give Maddie Ziegler (best known from the Sia "Chandelier" music video) some MUCH-needed dance instructions.

Beach Stereotypes – Dude Perfect

The Dude Perfect dudes go to the beach and hilariously send up all the stereotypes you see at the beach, like the Jumping For...


Miranda Sings helps Musical.ly star Baby Ariel to create some content for viral YouTube vids!

Compressed Air Cannon in Super Slow Mo – The Slow Mo...

Gav and Dan splatter their favourite items with a seemly endless supply of Maltesers (Whoppers in the U.S.) in SUPER SLOW MO!

Moana “How Far I’ll Go” Parody

Watch this hilarious literal version of the song "How Far I'll Go" from the movie Moana!

Live Streaming Gear – Tripods, Lights, Mounts, & More

Ready to broadcast your favorite pickle recipe, sleeping puppy, or makeup tutorial? We've got a GREAL DEAL on live streaming gear! Our friend and fellow Live.me-r Kate...

Pickled Nickel