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Dude Perfect vs. Power Rangers

Watch the guys of Dude Perfect take on the Power Rangers in a series of head-to-head challenges!

A Full Face Of Rhinestones – Jenna Marbles

Watch Jenna Marbles glue a ton of rhinestones to her face! It's a full face of rhinestones for no apparent reason.

Full Face in Fake Nails – Miranda Sings

Watch Miranda Sings cover her entire face in fake nails! So weird, so bizarre... but you can't look away.

Annoying Orange – IT Trailer Trashed!!

Watch Annoying Orange and his fruit buddies take on the trailer for the movie IT!

Adventures of Buttman #17: BLIMP MONSTER (Annoying Orange GTA V)

Watch Annoying Orange as Buttman go after the Blimp Monster!


Watch Miranda Sings interview a cat and ask some tough questions like, "What's your favorite color?" and "Why are cats so annoying?"

Reading Mean Comments About My Dogs | Jenna Marbles

Watch Jenna Marbles read mean Tweets about her dogs Marbles, Peach, and Kermit.

What TV Show Would You Like To Live In?

We watch TV because it's nice to see someone else's life go well and stop thinking about our own problems from time to time....

Pool Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

The Dudes of Dude Perfect showcase some of the best pool trick shots you've ever seen!

Doing My Own Acrylic Toenails | Jenna Marbles

Watch Jenna Marbles try some really long, elegant acrylic toenails for a little classy pedicure.