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HOW2: How to Become a Rockstar! Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange and his good pal Pear try to describe how to become a rockstar, but Orange is confused again.

Drew Brees Edition | Dude Perfect

The guys from Dude Perfect enlist Drew Brees to perform some really cool trick shots!

Adventures of Buttman #25: Paperbutt! (Annoying Orange GTA V)

Buttman gets a paper route on a tandem bike with his weird buddies!


Miranda Sings decides to fill her bathtub with nasty green slime and sit in it, because that's what all the kids are doing these...

Adventures of Buttman #27: NORMAL ELEVATOR! (Annoying Orange Roblox)

Annoying Orange brings his Buttman character to Roblox, where he giggles and rides elevators like a champ.

Would You Rather With YouTubers! – Miranda Sings

Watch Miranda Sings answer questions from her fans about Would You Rather... also, she burps and farts and it's all just really classy.

Real Life Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

No basketballs or archery here; the Dudes of Dude Perfect perform trick shots that apply to real life!

Who’s Smarter: Chihuahua Vs. Hamster – Jenna Marbles

In a series of challenges and feats, Jenna Marbles attempts to discover the ultimate question: Is a hamster smarter than a chihuahua?

Adventures of Buttman #26: BUTTMAN vs TORNADO (Annoying Orange GTA V)

Another Annoying Orange masterpiece in Adventures of Buttman 26 - Buttman vs. Tornado!

Cutting And Coloring My Own Hair – Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles decides she's had enough of her blonde locks, and decides to take matters into her own hands with a new color and...