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Kids Design Tattoos for Their Parents

What happens when you give a kid some paper, pencils, and leeway to create tattoo designs for their parents? Yikes...

Kylie Jenner’s Big Lip O’ Suction Challenge

Everyone Is Looking For The Next Big Thing And that next big thing is LIPS. Kylie Jenner's lips. They are the best lips in the world. Unfortunately,...

7 Best Monkey Photos Of All Time

7 Best Monkey Photos of all time. Well at least 7 of hundreds that we come across at Monkey Pickles. fun random #cartoonbubble

The Parent App

I came across this article, and perhaps it's old news to all you techno - gurus out there,  but it was news to me. An...

Most Annoying Kid In The World

Joe Cartoon is a classic and should most be read when drunk. It was the first on the scene that caused viral madness with funny cartoons and flash based interaction

How To Be A Kid 101

Being a goofball is all about being able to stay young mentally and always be in the mood for a laugh. Keep yourself Easily...

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