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Hoop Dreams: Embrace Your Goofball

Hoop Dreams: Embrace Your Goofball. Okay, probably that star performance looks different in this kid's head and Cirque Du Soleil won't be calling just yet ......

Come Forth And Thou Shalt Hath Eternal Tacos

. . . Come fifth and you win a wiener.   

The Continuing Adventures Of Tartan The Ape-man, Part 8: Pirate Panties

Previously on Tartan The Ape-Man Rat-dogs attack, Morag flees from squirrel poop, Quickbooks continues to be ineffective in jungle pursuit scenarios and cinnamon sticks prove...

Monkey Business

Are you sick of working for "The Man" 'cause its sexist? Do you try to embrace everyone equally? Is that why there is a...

The Continuing Adventures Of Tartan The Ape-man – Better Lake Than...

In a time that land forgot, a time when porridge roamed the Earth and man was not meant to fly, an ape happened upon...

How To Open A Beer Using A Banana

You can do can do many amazing things with a banana, shine shoes, take the sting out of a mosquito bite, be pleased to...

Lunch Break Dancing At Monkey Pickles

 Time for The Out To Lunch Friday Freak Out at Monkey Pickles thanks to Happy Feral Williams. https://youtu.be/0mLAcg8HfJA

How To Rock Chatroulette With Steve Kardynal

Chatroulette is a an online chat website created by seventeen year old Russian school student, Andrey Ternovsky. The awesome gimmick is that who you are going to...

Bad Hobbits And Elfishness

Some of the worst elfish behavior you'll ever see, hilariously exposed by OnlyLeigh of You Tube Land. https://youtu.be/WDUcEhrUwO4  

Your Guide To Using Tumblr By JelloApocalypse

Hello Jello! Can you explain tumblr to us ? You can ?! .... That's awesome! Take it away .... https://youtu.be/2m-e4PgiVfM Source: JelloApocalypse, You Tube.