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10 Reasons These Kids Are Crying

Parents: Is there anything more frustrating than your kid crying for seemingly no good reason? Kids freak out at the drop of a hat....

Michael Jackson Cat

Watch these two cats dance battle it out to a Michael Jackson song! Who's Bad?!

10 Funny Monkey Memes For Your Face

Who isn't bananas for a good funny monkey meme? Monkeys and their primate siblings are hilarious for many reasons, the main reason being that they...

5 Memes About Your Hedonism and Laziness

We know you're skating by on your good looks and charming wit. While others toil over menial tasks, you sit back and chuckle to...

The Best Antiques Roadshow Memes

The internet is an amazing place, mainly because your shameful obsessions become validated, even glorified, with the realization that you're not the ONLY PERSON...

French Bulldog Terrier VS Yoda legendary Jedi Master

Watch these little frenchies battle Yoda for kitchen turf!

HOW2: How to Win the Lottery

How To Win The Lottery - Watch Orange and Pear discuss how to win the lottery. Don't eat the lucky charms! Especially if it's...

My Dogs’ Wedding

Weddings make everyone happy, right? Let's get goofy with Jenna Marbles throwing a wedding for her dogs, complete with handmade wedding attire.

Love Is A Marathon, Part 7: It’s Curtains For Bob

Previously, on Love Is A Marathon: Lillian has caught Instructor with another woman, and she's considering marrying some curtains and other drapery instead of seeking...