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My Dogs Eating Peanut Butter For 3 Minutes Straight – Jenna...

Jenna Marbles gives her cute dogs some peanut butter and plays some fun music to make you smile.

HOW2: How to Be a Rapper! Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange and his pal Pear go through all the steps for How To Be A Rapper, including a lot of weird cow jokes.

Hilarious Hipster Jokes

Making fun of hipsters is as essential to life as drinking your morning mocha soy decaf latte. Enjoy this list of hilarious hipster jokes!     Q:...

Adventures of Buttman Season 3 Supercut! [Eps 21 – 30] (Annoying...

Annoying Orange plays GTA V as Buttman in this Adventures of Buttman Supercut from season 3!

Shaving My Boyfriends Face – Jenna Marbles

Welcome again to Jenna's Ratchet Salon, where she'll be giving stellar safety razor beard shaves.

Annoying Orange – Ask Orange #32: Indiana Orange!

Annoying Orange answers a ton of fan questions and turns into a disturbing fruit/human hybrid.

Monkey Pickles Community on Patreon

Monkey Pickles is excited about being community supported and building more bridges with our friends and followers through Patreon! We are here to MEET THE...

Adventures of Buttman #30: Pug Army Attack! (Annoying Orange GTA V)

In this amazing GTA V Buttman video by Annoying Orange, the Invincible Pug Army kills everyone with cuteness.

Jenna Marbles – Prank Calling People But We Can’t Hear Them

Jenna and Julien decide to call friends and family, pranking them by having one of them listening to the person and the other talking...

Annoying Orange – Poppyseed! (Poppy Spoof)

Annoying Orange assembles his fruity crew for more kitchen shenanigans.

Pickled Nickel