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Ladies Giveaway and Contest

We are excited to announce our Ladies Only Giveaway!  Enjoy a pamper day with a friend on us with some special treats and extras...

CAPTION CONTEST! WIN a Monkey Pickles Shirt!

Caption Contest!!! Ready to win an Official Monkey Pickles t-shirt? It's so easy a banana could do it. 1. Look at this photo: 2. Caption it before...

Monkey Pickles Live.me Giveaway

Monkey Pickles Is Celebrating 30 Days On Live.me With A Giveaway! Enter to win Monkey Pickles Gear, Live.me Gifts, Social Media Shout-Outs, Featured Blog Articles...

Monkey Meme Contest: Getting A Little Close

BEST MEME or Image Caption Contest All entries must be submitted in comment thread below Winner will be chosen July 1st 2013 Win a Monkey Pickles T-Shirt

Pickled Nickel