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Monkey Pickles Writing Contest

In celebration of Monkey Pickles turning 1 year old in March. We are launching a creative writing contest with a winner being choosen on Thursday, April...
Grilled Cheese on Wheatvideo

Nolan Cheddar

This is great. I have to say my heart sank a little half way through. HAHAHAH You will appreciate this goofballs enjoy.
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Time Flies By…

Here is a great waste of time message that came across. We dont take credit for creating this just take credit for bloggin it.
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Happy Birthday Bubble Wrap !

Celebrating 50 years of this wonderful stuff. Goofballs united around the world have been using this stuff for entertaining themselves or playing practical jokes for 50 years

Will Ferrell BAT Fight…

His hair is so soft and smooth like fresh from the salon. Or he just got done shooting a Herbal Essence commercial

The Swear Jar

This is an awesome classic came out a few years ago, but definitelyy worth mentioning again. I think every office should have a swear...
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Adventures Of Jaley Evans #3

I have dug up an indication of my own and am scrambling to keep this undisclosed to the others. I lament over being deceptive but recognize that a breach in this trust would be detrimental to this flaming issue
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Monkey Pickles Shoppers

I often think of things to do when out and about that would be fun to do this just adds to the list. We...
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Company Holiday Party

This is a wonderful piece of Cyber forward Holiday cheer !! Please feel fre to copy and past and send around... It's funny how...
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Happy Birthday Monkey Pickles

Well Birthday Monkey Pickles... It doesn't seem that long ago since March 1st 09 and at the end of March there were 30 people...

What Is Monkey Pickles?

Monkey Pickles: funny random thoughts or actions to share. or some people would call them bananas. If you enjoy being a goofball like we do...