Kesha And The Dollar Sign

Your inspiring songs have really moved us to become better in what we do in life. Especially after 6pm at night any day of the week.
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Monkey Pickles Announcement

Monkey Pickler Of The Month November ’10

1: How does being selected as Pickler of the Month change your life? A: Being selected the FIRST Monkey Pickler of the month has changed...
rocket feet

Reasons I Need Rocket Boots

Clean my gutters – There is always that one area where the ladder refuses to stand up straight.
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One Of Our Mascots Is Missing

Now, there ..need ..panic. No ..any ..danger. .... Aargh! What was that ??? ..... Oh ... It's just the cat. Phew. " Make...
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Rihanna Can’t Rock Redhead!

I have been wanting to talk about this rejected goofballs fairy’s hair forever! When Rihanna first got on TV her songs were good! I...
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Living Inside The TV

I am sure you all remember these days when TVs had a huge box attached to it! Unlike the slim ones they make these...

Life As A Toothbrush

It all started after that big truck delivered me to that supermarket...I was just like all the other toothbrushes living on shelves rapped in a plastic box, waiting for someone to pick me up and take me home with them so I could start life as a normal toothbrush!
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Welcome To The Party

It has been a long time coming... and thanks to all of our friends that we have meet along the way its here. This has been an amazing ride...
Who Is The Next Golden Banana?

Who Is The Next Golden Banana?

If chosen we will send you a special questionnaire for you to fill out and feature you in a post for you to share with the world.
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Down With Goofball Daydreams

What are you daydreaming about, anyway? Being a rockstar? We didn’t have rockstars! We had polka! No screaming guitars! No pounding drums! Just accordions!
Fluffy Squirrel Happy

How To Be A Kid 101

Being a goofball is all about being able to stay young mentally and always be in the mood for a laugh. Keep yourself Easily...
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The Dog Named Sparkles…

This is another wonderful submission from another person being a goofball at Monkey Pickles. My fingers froze above the keyboard and stayed that way. I...

What Is A Goofball?

Well being a goofball and having fun no matter what your doing is a skill that anyone can develop.  Monkey Pickles would like to...

Timmy And The Transforming Sharks

Timmy could see that it was time to turn on the charm. "Fabulous, my darling Wendy, but first let us wash all this monkey feces off ourselves and make sure your head is on tight enough with that dental floss that it wont slip off while we shag