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Building A Bridge

Funny Joke of the Day! A man on his Harley was riding along a California beach when suddenly the sky clouded above his head and,...
Do's and Dont's of Slow Cooking

Do’s and Don’ts of Slow Cooking

Cooking is great! As you grown into your own as the primary chef of your home and life, you’ll want to explore more and...
Do's and Don'ts of Perms

Do’s and Don’ts of Perms

Once upon a time and long, long ago… in the 1990s, perms were, like, all the rage. And if it tells you something, even...
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How Long Can You Go Without Your Phone?

Imagine, as hard as it might be, that your phone stops working. You need to find a replacement eventually, but how long until the...
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Which Is Best For A Short Trip: Plane, Train Or Car?

Let's say you aren't going on a long trip, just something that would take a few hours. How do you want to ride for...
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The Best Antiques Roadshow Memes

The internet is an amazing place, mainly because your shameful obsessions become validated, even glorified, with the realization that you're not the ONLY PERSON...

What Is Monkey Pickles?

Monkey Pickles: funny random thoughts or actions to share. or some people would call them bananas. If you enjoy being a goofball like we do...
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The Island Of Misfit Toys (i.e., Unfinished Projects)

As we were driving past the line of brightly lit storefronts, my son blurted something out from the back seat. "QUITters Studio???" I turned my head in...
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General Knowledge Quiz Trivia Games

This General Knowledge Quiz will give you: a) A significant raise at work b) One million puppies c) The confidence to ask out your kickboxing instructor d) Some much-needed...

Kesha And The Dollar Sign

Your inspiring songs have really moved us to become better in what we do in life. Especially after 6pm at night any day of the week.
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Why I Had A Sad Birthday And Fired My Secretary

Funny Joke Of The Day Last week was my birthday, and I didn't feel very well waking up that morning. I went downstairs for breakfast hoping...
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How To Make Kinetic Sand

It’s squishy and squashy, mushy and sloppy. What could it possibly be? It’s kinetic sand! From Asia to America, there isn’t a kid in...
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Vampire Thursdays!

Welcome back to another season of the college life! On a college campus, Thursday isn't just an ordinary day, for some reason everyone is thirsty....
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What Popular Food Do You Really Hate?

It seems like food fads come and go faster than ever these days. Remember rainbow bagels? What Popular Food Do You Really Hate?
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Help Cheer Up U.S. Goalie Hope Solo (Funny)

When you're the national team goalie and you let a goal in between your legs, you're bound to feel a little down on yourself....