Meet Heather! Heather, aka HeatherSoLovely, is 29 years young and forever 15 at heart. Born and raised in the pacific northwest, she's all about "Good Vibes and High Fives!" As a Leo, she is sassy but sensitive. Favorite Color: Purple. 3 Words That Describe your Character: Friendly, Funny, Lovable. Where do you go when you think Happy Place? In a hammock on the beach. Warm sun and hot sand. Who would you battle in a Unicorn jousting match and why? I'm a lover, not a fighter. I'd fly my unicorn to the beach and sell bananas to the locals. Give us your most random thought: I get genuinely concerned while binge watching tv series and realize my favorite character has not eaten showered or used the bathroom in over a week . Dont die buddy! The show needs you!