Hollywood Greats: Key Line Pie

Hollywood Greats: Key Line Pie

Key Line Pie 

key line pie - 2
This tangy biscuit based cream desert was a big cheese cake in Hollywood during the heyday of the silver service screen era. Extremely talented, for a pie, as a writer Key Line Pie penned many classics in the 1930s including ” Duck! Soup ! “, ” Little Caesar Salad ” and a second slapstick comedy staring the Macaque Brothers, ” Monkey Pickle Business “But with success came jealousy especially when the pie began writing itself into its own movies ( The Lunchpack Of Notre Dame, Citizen Sugarcane ) penning the best lines for itself.
Sidelined A list stars began to feel increasingly envious & humiliated by their treatment on set, sentiments that came to a head ( and some teeth ) in the infamously coined Gum Power Plot when lead actors attempted to devour Mr.Pie during the shooting of Arsenic And Old Cake ( 1944 ). Following this narrow escape Pie became reclusive and paranoid. Orson Wells never worked with the pie key line pie - 4again.
Rumors that Pie thereafter would cast only supermodels and jockeys in leading roles abounded. Some said that Pie would inject itself with E numbers to prolong its shelf life. And, as Pie continued to produce contemporary work ( The Dessert Fox, 1951), others claimed that there was a factory somewhere in the Californian hills that was churning out exact clones of Pie so it could continue its work. 
Pie is probably best remembered, however, for his animated classics ( Pienocchio, Bunbo, Peter Pancake, Butty & The Bistro ) in which the lead actors couldn’t eat him. The public forgave Pie’s eccentricities, charmed by the fairy tale features that gave rise to the phrase, ” a Pie ending “Eventually Pie withdrew from public life all together.
Some said he had perished. Others that he had been accidentally killed by a clown, having secured a ringside seat near the prop table when the circus was in town. The most popular theory, however, was that Pie had frozen itself until such a time when culinary science had advanced sufficiently enough to allow it to live forever
just like his films do in our memories.

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