Daily Random Thought No. 723


If you were out at a bar called Ray’s and everyone there was enjoying themselves so much that they started chanting the name of the establishment in appreciation, would the next person to walk in think the bar staff were poorly paid?

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Nick Jackson was born in the UK, the land of gunpowder tea, but moved to America to escape exploding cups of tea. He now lives in Florida where he attempts come to terms with concepts such as how flat everything is and whether a golfer's natural prey is the alligator. Nick has written for Monkey Pickles such the beginning, as established in Cern, Switzerland with the discovery of the long sought Monkey-Pickle Particle, and is somewhat 'freaked out' by writing in the third person. Nick is motivated to write for the pleasure of the experience rather than to pay the bills but does recognize that pleasure is still not an acceptable method of payment in most respectable retail outlets. He hopes to raise a smile or two before being ejected from the store.

OR... they might think that we were degenerating into an angry mob and we wanted to 'raze' the building. 

Leslie M
Leslie M

OR . . . they might mistake it for a hip hop bar, and singing Luke's "Ray's" . . . the ROOF!  In which case, they would start pumping their arms up in the air, and it would turn into a serious par-tay!