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Everyday people who have earned a shoutout, honed their crafts or distinguished themselves. This is where we roll out the green carpet for them.

Annoying Orange – 2016 KILLS Videovideo

Annoying Orange – 2016 KILLS Video

The best kills of 2016 for the Annoying Orange.. Still killing it for 6 years! Big shout out to Dane Boe and company keep rocking
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Ask Annoying Orange #24: Orange & Pear Have A Baby!

Annoying Orange mixes TNT and childcare. Pear is not amused. The John Cena theme song plays.

Annoying Orange: The Land Beyond The Kitchen

Annoying Orange takes his crew to the land beyond the kitchen. It's an adventure!
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Miranda Sings: Orbeez Pool!

Orbeez, for anyone who doesn't know, are super-absorbent polymers (high-tech words there!) that soak up water and swell up. Miranda tries them out, and it goes really, really well.
The Gummy Bear

The Gummy Bear Song And Character Are Still A Hit #theguild

The classic video of the The Gummy Bear Song never gets old and its amazing that this character has amassed such a following and an international loyalty since 2007.  We salute you Jiggly, Giggly...

Adventures of Buttman #7: Butt Propeller! (Annoying Orange GTA V)

Watch Annoying Orange play Grand Theft Auto V with a BUTT PROPELLER!
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Miranda Sings: England! Watch This!

Miranda is going on tour to England. Will you be there?
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Annoying Orange Plays Job Simulator: Gourmet Chef!

Annoying Orange has hands and free rein in an industrial kitchen. Watch out!
The Best Drunk Hulk Of Twitter

The Best Drunk Hulk Of Twitter

One of our most favorite themed social accounts of all time. Its truly an honor that for over 5 years Drunk Hulk was shared with the world. Amazing work by Christian Dumais "For the...
Miranda Sings - Closer Music Videovideo

The Chainsmokers – Closer – Miranda Sings Music Video

  Watch Miranda Sings in her Closer music video, with a small cameo by her mean cat. Lots of lips and cheetah print. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cs0DUoou4Q4

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