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Everyday people who have earned a shoutout, honed their crafts or distinguished themselves. This is where we roll out the green carpet for them.

The Gummy Bear

The Gummy Bear Song And Character Are Still A Hit #theguild

The classic video of the The Gummy Bear Song never gets old and its amazing that this character has amassed such a following and an international loyalty since 2007.  We salute you Jiggly, Giggly...


Watch Miranda Sings hatch her "Hatchimal" toy, which is homemade and cuter than the real thing.
3 Tweet Reasons Why Depressed Darth Rules

3 Tweet Reasons Why Depressed Darth Rules

Who is Depressed Darth? an incredibly hilarious spin on Darth Vader from Star Wars.. but hopefully we don't have to elaborate. Depressed Darth Twitter bio From a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
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Annoying Orange Plays Job Simulator: Gourmet Chef!

Annoying Orange has hands and free rein in an industrial kitchen. Watch out!
How to care for your cermet 2, funny videos, cool people, funny people, Jenna Marblesvideo

Jenna Marbles: How To Care For Your Cermet 2

Jenna Marbles is back with a second instructional and very educational video on how to care for your cermet. Anyone reading this have a cermet?
Who Is The Next Golden Banana?

Who Is The Next Golden Banana?

If chosen we will send you a special questionnaire for you to fill out and feature you in a post for you to share with the world.
funny videos, cool people, Annoying Orange, Monkey Pickles, let's playvideo

Annoying Orange Plays Job Simulator 4: Return Of The Gourmet Chef

Annoying Orange is even better at Job Simulator: Gourmet Chef since he's practiced in the past.
funny videos, cool people, Annoying Orange, Monkey Pickles,video

Annoying Orange: Wiggle Jiggle! (Original Song)

There are two things Annoying Orange does well. Dancing and singing are not those two things.
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Miranda Sings: Taco Bell Popciscles Tutorial

"I've been wanting Taco Bell popciscles ... FOR YEARS." Miranda mashes up some delicious Taco Bell meals and freezes them into popsicles. Yup.
Jenna Marbles 200th Video #theguild

Jenna Marbles 200th Video, Congrats On 4 Years!

Originally Published on Jun 19, 2014 She has been a incredible internet personality to watch over the past several years. Jenna Marbles YouTube - and she has a whole host of fruit...

Pickled Nickel