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water fountain, fountain gifs, cool gifs

Mesmerizing Water Fountain Gifs

Let's just get down to it: WATER IS COOL. Especially when it comes out of a fountain. If the Friends cast can dance in a fountain, it's probably made of wishes and dreams. Here is an...
YouTube, Slow Mo, Slow Mo Guys, Compressed Air Cannon, Funny Videos, Cool Videosvideo

Compressed Air Cannon in Super Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan splatter their favourite items with a seemly endless supply of Maltesers (Whoppers in the U.S.) in SUPER SLOW MO!
monkey pickles, it's bananas, funny articles

10 Banana Jokes That Aren’t Really Banana Jokes

Honestly, what is better than a joke? A joke literally on a BANANA. These hilarious jokes have been painstakingly chosen with great care to match them with the perfect banana background. It's almost INSPIRING how well...
flirty birdsvideo

Flirty Birds Funny Bird Video Compilation 2017

Watch cute birds getting their flirt on and being funny little chirpers in this Funny Bird Video Compilation!
Things Getting Squished, Squishy, Satisfying Gif

Satisfying Gifs of Things Being Squished

Is there anything better than watching things being squished into oblivion? It's satisfying in a weird way, like when your windshield wipers are moving to the beat of the song in your car for 0.7...
Banana Carving, Thai Fruit Carving, Cool Pictures, Food Art

Amazing Banana Fruit Carvings

Fruit carving is a traditional custom in Thailand, and only the most skilled and patient hands can master the art of carving tiny geometric patterns into the flesh of edible objects. There are many...

Moana “How Far I’ll Go” Parody

Watch this hilarious literal version of the song "How Far I'll Go" from the movie Moana!
Body Hair Art, Body Waxing Designs, Waxing, Body Wax, Funny Pics

Amazing Body Waxing Designs

It's summer! Everyone is getting ready to dust off their best Jorts (jean shorts) and skimpy muscle tanks, and that means it's time to rip out the ol' fur... that's right, it's WAXING SEASON! Let's jump...
Bananas in Bathrooms Funny pics Funny Memes

5 Bananas In Bathrooms

It's not what you think! Wait... it's probably exactly what you think. Bananas in bathrooms!   Fresh Banana Artfully Resting On A Sink A post shared by Mr. B. Anana (@bananasinbathrooms) on Feb 9, 2017 at 7:38am PST Cleaned...
Cinnamon Challenge Video, YouTube

The BEST New Cinnamon Challenge Videos

We love "challenge" videos on YouTube! The Cinnamon Challenge has been around for a while, and is one of the funniest types of YouTube Challenge Videos. We found some NEW Cinnamon Challenge videos that...

Pickled Nickel