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Ice Is Nice!

Ice Is Nice!

Ice is nice In a summer glass drink, On a skating rink, On a frozen branch stem; In the light of a doorway, A message on the phone, Saying "School is delayed. Please go back to bed." Ice is nice.
The Tonsillectomy, Part 1

The Tonsillectomy, Part 3: The Party

The patient has gone back to college. Left behind, is a refrigerator filled with PUDDING AND JELLO. Left behind, is a freezer filled with POPSICLES AND ITALIAN ICE. And, the cooler on the back deck is still overflowing with beer, though the temperatures...
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‘Tis The Season … For PUMPKINS (Apparently)!

I went to my favorite, local market, the other day, to pick up a few items for dinner.  When I pulled into the parking lot, it resembled a Saturday morning.  I, actually, had a moment...
Becoming A Doggy Daddy!

Becoming A Doggy Daddy!

I have always kind of laughed at those individuals who treated their pets like little kids. You know the type of person I mean. The ones, mostly women, who take umpteen photos of their...
Household Uses for Paper Clips

Household Uses for Paper Clips

Paper clips have generally been seen as a very useful item. If you have a ton of papers that you want to keep together, a paper clip is your man. But we all know...
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Funny Words That Start With T

The funny thing is, there are many words starting with T to describe someone. Here are some to fill your lexicon. 1. Timid Unless you’re describing a young child or an animal, calling someone timid isn’t...
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Delicious Banana Treats To Drool Over

Do you love banana-related treats and snacks? Sometimes you just need to look at amazing banana treats, and TODAY is THAT DAY. Enjoy our curated list of delicious-looking banana treats, may it inspire you to...
Another Stalemate For The Washington Red Tapes

Another Stalemate For The Washington Red Tapes

You may not have heard of them and they've never won a Superbowl but minor league football team,The Washington Red Tapes are making quite a lot of press lately. We talked to their head...
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Prepare For An Interview With These Perfect Job Interview Tips

It’s hard enough to get that job interview in the first place. So don’t blow it! The stress and pressure can be enough to crack even the coolest cats. Luckily, you’re prepared. Just follow...
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4 Fun Things To Do If You Wake Up Invisible On A Saturday

The last time we woke up invisible on Saturday we had great fun, but it was also catastrophic. So here are some ideas that will help you skip the bad parts and get maximum...

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