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Behold! I Give You: The Circus Peanut Post!

Circus Peanuts make a lovely bedding alternative They're the same consistency as memory foam and release a bonus whiff of sweet sweet air with every usage
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5 Things Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Doesn’t Pair Well With

Oh, it's awesome. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky offers all the flavor of your favorite single malt and an Atomic Fireball combined into one electric punch. Ah, savor it as you swirl around your mouth, and...
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Our New Hardshell Pet

We recently acquired a new little pet in our house. We started calling him Richard Petty, Jr.  Don’t be critical – it’s the only NASCAR name that immediately came to our minds. He was one of...

Hoop Dreams: Embrace Your Goofball

Hoop Dreams: Embrace Your Goofball. Okay, probably that star performance looks different in this kid's head and Cirque Du Soleil won't be calling just yet ... but does she look like she is bothered ? Heck No...

Lindsay Mule-tilates Translation

  Okay! Lindsay didn't get a tattoo but wouldn't that have been hilarious if she had? The problem was the tweeting of the Arabic word habibi ( love,  darling, beloved etc. ) containing a link to an image...
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How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

So you’ve decided to dump your girlfriend. You must be pretty brave to pull a stunt like that. After all you’ve been through together? All those long nights talking about what your future could...
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Release The Turkey (Haikus)!

Let there be turkey! Potatoes, and pie, stuffing, gravy; piled on high.    

Banana Day

This is the day you've been waiting for ... IT'S BANANA DAY ! A crazy mix of April Fools Day and Halloween ... apparently. A day when it is kind of okay ( it's not )...
Halloween Haiku II

Halloween Haiku II

  Restless souls, waiting for darkness to fall upon the day.  Sweet rewards.      
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One-Man Football

All rights reserved for a one man band Football reigns supreme in Texas. Not only do we play Pop Warner football starting at age six, we play regular 11 man football in junior high, high...

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