Monkey Pickles Meme Caption Contest

Monkey Pickles Meme Caption Contest

We had some FUNNY entries for our meme caption contest this week! Thanks to all of our Monkey Picklers who added to the thread on Facebook. Below is the original image... Aaaaaand the winning caption! Thanks...
Monkey Pickles VIP January Giveaway

CONTEST! Start 2017 With Official Monkey Pickles Gear!

Out with the old and in with the new; we've got some amazing prizes for you! At Monkey Pickles Headquarters, we're thankful for each and every friend and follower, and we want to reward you...
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Planet & Solar System Quiz – Fun Quizzes

Think you know enough about the planets in our vast solar system? We'll be the judge of that. Take our fun planets quiz to see how much you remember from science class about the...
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Vocabulary Quiz – Weird Words That Start With A

A lot of amazing, weird words start with the letter 'A.' Someone who collects teddy bears? Arctophile. Bee eater? Apivorous. Open your mind and stuff some new vocabulary in there with our vocabulary quiz...
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Which Dank Meme Is Your Soul Mate?

You've been feeling lost lately; admit it. We know, you know, your mom knows. If you take this quiz, life will reveal itself to you. These dank memes are sort of like tarot cards, you...
Bananas, Banana Facts, It's Bananas

Ultimate Banana Knowledge Quiz

Test your 'nana knowledge with the Ultimate Banana Knowledge Quiz!    
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How Hungry Are You? – Quiz

How Hungry Are You? We've all been there: sometimes you just need help figuring out EXACTLY how hungry you are. No worries, fam. We put together this scientifically engineered quiz to hypothesize your personal hunger...
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Wanna Write 4 Monkey Pickles?

TOP  3 Articles will be published and will be referenced accordingly provided you have an account at Monkey Pickles as to retain rights to your article. 
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General Knowledge Quiz Trivia Games

This General Knowledge Quiz will give you: a) A significant raise at work b) One million puppies c) The confidence to ask out your kickboxing instructor d) Some much-needed mental recess Answer random trivia questions in our general knowledge quiz!...
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Are You A True Minnesotan? Take Our States Quiz!

It's cold, it's artsy, and it's home to the late great Prince: it's Minnesota, where they drink beer in an ice house on a frozen body of water in the dead of winter to...

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