HA! As I try to write this blog I find that I’m losing focus on the task at hand, becoming distracted by silly things around me. My phone is to my right and there is dog hair everywhere! Ahhhhh! So I must forget about my surroundings and work on writing a blog that tells my story and gets my point across about focus.

Learning how to truly focus is a battle in itself. There are so many distractions and forks in the road that you need to overcome. I would like to start out with a checklist of questions; things to ask yourself before you proceed.

  1. What is your passion in life? What career, hobby or activity do you enjoy the most that brings you happiness?
  2. What are you goals?  
  3. What is standing in the way of your goals and passions?

The checklist above was created to help you focus on your life and what’s ahead of you or what could be ahead of you. Recently I’ve been thinking about life and my goals a lot and how I plan to reach them in the next couple of months, years, and decades. Last year I decided that my main focus would be my career. When I talk about focus, I mean letting everything else go and really pursuing the ultimate goal. I find this very important, because if you spread yourself out, for example, between two or three jobs even, you’ll be good at a number of things but you’ll never be great at one thing. I want to be great at Marketing, period. I want to be the resource for businesses to come to, for entrepreneurs and freelancers to ask questions about growing their business and becoming successful. To get there I need to take a step back and look at my life and start to weed out the things that do not help me focus and accomplish my goal.

I had decided last year that I was going to concentrate on my career, but that truly didn’t happen until just recently. Focus is not only writing down your goal or thinking about it; it’s pursuing it each and every day. For example, my job consists of generating leads and landing that first meeting with a client that needs Marketing help. The leads will never come to me if I just sit at a computer desk and wait; I need to be proactive about finding potential clients. I need to take, what my boss calls, swings. These are emails, phone calls, handshakes and other forms of sparking up a conversation and getting the person to ask you what you do. So every day I hop on LinkedIn, Facebook, Manta and other networking sites and start conversations. It’s about becoming the resource.  Once a person knows what you do, they are more likely to ask for your advice or think about you when they need the help.

I have talked to a number of people this past month about their goals and aspirations; taking that next step in life and achieving it. It is all about focus, but first you must decide if you really have what it takes to live and breathe that goal you find most important and stick with it no matter what the cost. You must be able to let go of distractions. My job is completely commission based. I am guaranteed nothing at the end of the month. It can be a bit overwhelming when you have bills and student loans to pay. This fact makes me driven to work even harder. This is why focus is most important. If I do not focus on becoming the resource, making swings and putting myself out there I will never become successful. I will be forced to take up a second job just to be able to pay my bills.

I see so many people in do exactly this. At one point in my life I had four different things going on. I had two internships, I was modeling as a side gig and I was enrolled in college actively pursuing my degree. This was extremely overwhelming, as you can imagine, and I wasn’t able to focus on any one thing.

You need to start out with having confidence in your skills and expertiseYou must truly believe in yourself, before you can become focused. I was hired at Monkey Pickles back in June of 2012. I started off my first month making $0.00. The only thing that saved me was my other job at WSI Sports and modeling. I continued working at Monkey Pickles, WSI and modeling for a couple months afterwards, but eventually left WSI so I could mainly focus on Monkey Pickles, with modeling on the side to help with income flow problems. I don’t know what it is about New Years and resolutions, but after numerous inspirational talks with my boss Huntz, as of this month, I have finally decided on where to direct my focus. Once I found my focal point, probably about two weeks ago, I started making swings and leads started coming in like wildfire. In one week I had three days of meetings with potential clients and lots of conversation going on online. These are just baby steps towards becoming closer to my goals, but it shows proof that focus can bring success.

Starting now, I want you to think about the above questions, about your goals and about true happiness in your life. Make an effort to change, or if you have made that change but struggle, make the effort to focus each and every day. Write your goals down and read them to yourself until you believe that they will happen. Have strength and confidence that you will be successful. I know that at this exact moment you aren’t able to quit your second job, but it’s about one day being able to. One day dedicating everything to that path that you most desire.  Starting now, make a pledge to yourself that you will actively pursue the ultimate goal. Isn’t it true happiness that all of us wish to obtain?

(As I wrote this blog, I thought about so many people that are currently in my life that this pertains to. I see my friends struggle with their goals and where they want to take their lives each and every day. I hope that my story can help you see the light and find your focal point to lead you in the right direction.)

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”  – Herman Cain