Meet Becky!

Becky’s claim to fame is loving to make people laugh at parties! She also loves technology, can spell better than most, and is known as dependable.

Favorite Color:


3 Words That Describe your Character:

Loyal, Funny, Observant

What are 2 favorite quotes?

  • Well behaved women rarely make history!
  • Don’t cry because it’s over. smile because it happened!

Where do you go when you think Happy Place?

I go back to my single life! I go to my bedroom when I was 16, with the sun shining through on my face, and the smell of salmon patties my mom is fixing for supper!

Who would you battle in a Unicorn jousting match and why?

Lady Gaga in her meat suit. It would be super entertaining and we all could grill her meat suit on a Monkey Pickles Grill!